Be Mine Tonight…..


Happy St. Valentine’s Day. And if you’re over here, you may be wondering how we celebrate here at the Manse.

Well, things have changed over the years. There were the boozy bar days, giddy restaurant phase, intimate dinners, parties with friends… . tonight we’re having my in-laws over for dinner as it is my mother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow and I’m already previously committed.

“What!” you say.

Yes. Dinner with the in-laws. But that’s great! Valentine’s Day — like St. Patrick’s Day– is a day to stay in, as far as I’m concerned. But that doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel and order pizza (we used to. Pizza and Champagne evenings were common in the pre-Manse days. We burned more calories then.)

Instead, I suggest you set a table for two somewhere different from your everyday dinner space. Then whip up something out of the ordinary. Or pick up some lobster ravioli and a claw at Trader Joe’s. A little paddlefish roe and some Champagne, candlelight … all the fun, none of the crowds.

And don’t forget to dress. My kit this evening will be grey slacks, a white shirt, a black silk and cotton cable knit sweater and black Belgians. If you’ve got the time, go formal at home!

Please remember, there will be high spirits tonight. If you do venture out this evening, call a cab. The same thing applies to St. Patrick’s Day.

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