Another Happy Customer

Subject: No intention of being rude….

But I can’t tell if your site is tongue in cheek or serious. Tongue in cheek, I get. If serious, you come across as terribly affected. 

As I browse style blogs I’ve noticed that you’ve adopted many of the writing turns of other bloggers as time has gone on. Is this intentional? 

Today’s entry, honestly puzzled me, again if you were serious. Getting your kids exercise is pretty basic. Parents who don’t, well, it’s negligent. 

And, as you appear to attempt affectations/intimations of the traditional NE lifestyle, really, outdoor activities have always been considered de riguer. I mean, surely you aren’t so young that the iconic images of Kennedy football games, sailing etc are too far from your grasp(?). 

Come on, get real or get off. Please. Or fess up to the satirical approach. 

Please, no offense intended. I just can’t, after reading for a while, figure your approach out. 



[ed: I love hearing from readers, it makes this all worthwhile. And he may have a point. I may have run my race. So, I’ll post only if I have something useful to say. Ciao for now.]

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