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Tweedy Layers

Apologies for the photo. I took a dozen shots and believe it or not, this was the best of ’em.

The thing about stout fabrics and good construction is that the garment will last a lifetime and then some. The tweed coat I’m wearing was made for my father in the late 1950’s and it’s still going strong. The get up above was inspired by the weather. It’s really, really cold first thing in the morning and warms to acceptable mid-40’s (F) by mid-afternoon. In my book, that calls for layers.

Under the coat, I’m wearing a half-zip cashmere sweater that picks up one of the two colours of the tweed herringbone. Under that, the Italian solution. That is to say, a blue shirt. The cashmere tie is light blue and tan puppytooth. Chocolate brown corduroys and leather chukka boots round out the picture. Add a scarf and some gloves and I was driving with the sunroof open (vitamin D is so very essential this time of year) all afternoon.

A word of warning, if the indoor temperature is more than 66°F, this sort of layering may get a little uncomfortable. And you couldn’t get away with it for the really BIG meetings with bankers and the like.

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