The Art of Cold Weather Layering

Those of you who have read Easy and Elegant Life for a while know that I’m not much on trends. To begin with, I’ve over 40. Which means that I’m over it in general. I know what suits me (usually) and like to wear that. However, when I spot something that looks to me like it has staying power (flat front trousers with a narrower leg aren’t going anywhere quick), and may suit my attempts to look casually elegant at all times, I try to emulate it as best I can. Now the great thing about being a clothes-horse and never really getting rid of anything is that when something hits the popularity meter again, I generally have an original lying about somewhere (e.g. LL Bean, Norwegian Sweater). So when I see something like this (from Fedali? I tagged it Fedali, but lost the source and can’t find the brand on the web; gotta be from Pitti):

I get all excited and run to the sweater closet. That third photo? I reinterpret it as a shawl neck sweater. The ones above it? Full zip chunky cardigans and cashmere scarves. Half-zip cashmere sweaters and rollnecks? I got ’em. Gloves and corduroys? Check. Suede shoe or chukka? Check. Monochrome? I can do that. Layering? See Norwegian Sweater, LL Bean and think back. That was worn with a down vest, a Lacoste polo shirt and an OCBD. If it was really cold, you could throw a white cotton rollneck into the mix. But that was high-school.

So, out for a very early morning dog walk, with the mercury hovering around 21°F, out came the roll neck, the shawl collar sweater, the zip cardi and a scarf to go with the cords and gloves and suede chukkas. Yes, I did shave later.

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