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Keeping Up Appearances Midweek

Just the way that the basic tenet of the Easy and Elegant Life is to be able to reach into your wardrobe and pull out only clothing that suits and fits you, we should also apply that standard to the small luxuries that make up an elegant lifestyle. Above, you see the results of an afternoon’s foray into Lavish Apothecary here in Richmond. (Mrs. E. also scored a new comb.) Little things can make all the difference in putting a smile on your face.

Do you have a favourite to help you keep up appearances?

7 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances Midweek

  1. I do think so much beauty can come from a cup of jasmine tea or a pomegranate but good clean skin is very important….cetaphil and which hazel to tone.
    new comb or brush is always luxury as is a new cosmetic bag or dop kit.

  2. A Silver Tip Badger shaving brush, Proraso shave cream and after shave, scraping done with a Merkur DE Razor and Feather blades.

    All together a satisfying way to start the day.

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