We Wish You a Merry…

The day after Thanksgiving, the radio stations start playing Christmas music. The stores are already decorated and have been since Hallowe’en. “One holiday at a time,” says The Architect.

I agree.

But, now that it’s December, I am starting to think of Christmas. When Mrs. E and I lived in France, the trees were decorated Christmas Eve and the twelve days that followed, leading to Epiphany, were celebrated in high style. I like that. But, this weekend I imagine I’ll go shopping for our tree.

I do admit to popping in the soundtrack to the Crosby/Sinatra Christmas special this morning whilst driving my daughter to school. I like the combination of the sacred and secular songs. With the colder weather, it’s putting me in a festive mood. The question is, with the whole month ahead of me, how long can I sustain it?

How early do you start the Christmas season?

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