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We Wish You a Merry…

The day after Thanksgiving, the radio stations start playing Christmas music. The stores are already decorated and have been since Hallowe’en. “One holiday at a time,” says The Architect.

I agree.

But, now that it’s December, I am starting to think of Christmas. When Mrs. E and I lived in France, the trees were decorated Christmas Eve and the twelve days that followed, leading to Epiphany, were celebrated in high style. I like that. But, this weekend I imagine I’ll go shopping for our tree.

I do admit to popping in the soundtrack to the Crosby/Sinatra Christmas special this morning whilst driving my daughter to school. I like the combination of the sacred and secular songs. With the colder weather, it’s putting me in a festive mood. The question is, with the whole month ahead of me, how long can I sustain it?

How early do you start the Christmas season?

6 thoughts on “We Wish You a Merry…

  1. I have been so remiss Chris, having a new hip replacement and lots of rehab.

    I am now back and….
    I am having a Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event! Many amazing gifts including the first one from Liz at Dovecote Decor, I hope you will stop by!!


    Art by Karena

  2. I’ll admit that we are one of those families that start Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. On the drive home from the grandparents, we put in the Bing CD. The tree is already up and most of the decorations are out. I hung from the gutters late last night in the cold to put up the lights.

    I used to hate getting into Christmas so early. But now that our kids are 4 & 2 and very much into Christmas, I find myself getting excited along with them.

    Thanks for the clip!

  3. I usually don’t get into the Christmas Spirit unti mid-December. At the moment I’m finding the music soundtrack everywhere I go irritating, I must admit. Felice Navidad loudly playing in the dining room of the New York Ritz Carlton during a client lunch the other day was universally unappreciated by all at the table! I’ll get over it soon, though, I hope, as noone likes a grouch!

  4. In terms of home decoration, we usually don’t start until about December 15th, as I only use fresh greens. Any earlier, and they are crispy by Christmas eve. The exception is outdoor lights and wreaths–soft white lights (no LED’s, which look blue) sprinkled through the boxwood and yews in our little garden off the kitchen and flanking the garden gates, and gorgeous, full, fresh green wreaths for the front door & gates go up a respectable time after Thanksgiving. Globe boxwoods are popped in the doorstep pots to replace the dried mums shortly after Thanksgiving; they never make it through the winter, but they will be beautiful through March. The tree will go up around the 20th, just before the kids get home from college and work. We keep our tree up through Ephiphany; it helps kids (even when their grown) remember the church calendar. One rule of thumb which will contribute to a more satisfying Christmas season is to avoid stores and hair salons after December 15th . Unless you are visiting Santa, of course!

  5. We do not display any Christmas decoration in or about our home until the first Sunday in Advent. Beginning with that Sunday, they start to grow until about a week before Christmas.

    To Nordstrom’s credit, their stores don’t display any Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving.

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