The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The whole family is sick. We’ll recover, but for the moment, it’s the Manse of Ick. We can’t seem to keep a high enough supply of tissue around, appetites are off and tempers are short. But we’ll recover. Being unable to do much aside from lie about and change channels, I’ve had time to observe and reflect. And I’ve noticed something about the new “Christmas Specials” out there. For the most part, they deal with the disbelief in Santa Claus, the effort to collect a lot of toys, or dysfunctional family hi-jinx.

Two notable exceptions that are at least funny: Merry Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon Holiday Special.

But I’m not really feeling that either is very Christmasy.

Even the version of the Christmas Story that was read at my daughter’s chapel service seemed somehow different and not as magical. (“Peace on Earth and Goodwill to those He favours”? How’s that for inclusivity?)

So we’re going to Christmas up today.

Let’s start here, courtesy of the Newseum and remember that this can be the most wonderful time of the year:


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