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Middle Road Wardrobe Building.

I have yet to get going today (evidenced by the state of my hair) having only managed to pack up the kiddos and drive to school and back. That’s my first and only cup of coffee for the day. I thought that the photo above may be instructive — these are my “yard clothes” — for those of you who like to be comfortable regardless of the circumstances. This is the sort of thing that I throw on to do chores around the house or before I have time to contemplate the choice of tie for the day.

When building your “middle road” wardrobe, those clothes that are neither strictly utilitarian nor business dressy, consider fabrics that wear tough, look better with a bit of age to them and are timeless.

Above, an oxford cloth button down gets better with each laundering. The cords are ancient, bald at the knees and pockets, and are worn when I’m raking leaves or cleaning house. They are pleated, full-cut and allow for a comfortable range of movement. Cotton corduroys are warm enough for all but the most brutal of winter days and can be chucked into the washer at home. The sweater is crew-necked and so doesn’t require a tie. It’s cashmere, light, warm, comforting, and in good enough shape to wear out of the house without a sportcoat. Indoors, I wear house slippers, but as these have a leather sole, I wore them for the short walk to the garage to drive my daughter to school.

I could loaf around like this all day. But I’ve a luncheon to attend, so its off to contemplate the day’s attire.



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