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Checking Out …

… for a weekend of Christmas Tree shopping, holiday parties and the like. All soft, comfortable and casual. The sweater is a vest, perfect for a day that will start in the upper 30’s (F) and end in the mid 50’s.  Click through for close-ups and yes, I know, but I had to give my face a break. The lack of humidity makes for a harsh shave sometimes and I’ve been cutting myself to ribbons. Tomorrow, I’ll take up the blade once again.



2 thoughts on “Checking Out …

  1. On your side-bar about shaving…

    I’ve been fighting the dry weather too. I’ve found that alternating between my blade and electric razor (and maybe taking a Saturday off) helps a lot. The cut isn’t as close with my electric, but it keeps my face from turning into hamburger.

  2. Dapper! Sometimes I think just showing up “to the nines” is 3/4 of a guarantee of a great evening. Enjoy.

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