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The Morning After

Book Club went well.

I’m having a Bullshot for breakfast and then it’s back to bed.

That’s Tony Chachere’s version in the photo above. Mine comes in a mug in cooler weather.

The Easy and Elegant Life Morning After the Night Before Bullshot.

1/2 mug of beef bullion

huge dash of hot sauce (I used Louisiana Hot Sauce this morning).

1/2 small can of V8 spicy tomato juice

shot and a half of vodka.

Good for what ails ya. ‘Night.


3 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. I’ve always been more of a cheeseburger and chocolate shake guy when it comes to a doozy of a morning — but maybe it’s time to graduate…

  2. I find tomato juice and cranberry juice (not together) the best beverages when in flight. Tomato juice is so underrated, especially with vodka and celery. Happy election day out there . . . show us the way, Virginia!

  3. I must say, I’m a little iffy on the 1/2 a mug of anything that starts with “beef”. But, your taste in these matters is without question, so I will bookmark this for future reference. Of course, by “future” I mean “tomorrow”.

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