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Thank You.

Veteran’s Day. Remembrance Day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. However you think of it, please do think of it. Thank you to those of you who, these days, volunteer for service so that we do not have a draft. Thank you to those of you who served when called. Thank you to the families who sacrifice in so many ways. Thank you to those who care for veterans. Thank you to those of you who remember.



4 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. In early November, one is never fully dressed without a poppy. It is unacceptable to be without.

    I was deeply touched when I recently visited the Legislature of Ontario, here in Toronto, and in one official portrait of a former lieutenant governor, he is wearing a poppy on the lapel of his suit. It is a small thing, but an enduring tribute.

    We must never forget the sacrifice and hardship of the soldiers, their families, and other people who contributed to these efforts.

    God bless all of them.

  2. You are wonderful. Such a heartfelt post. As a veteran, I’m so grateful for all of the young men and women who are serving today, and giving so much of themselves because they believe that all human beings have the right to life and liberty. We take so much for granted, small things, like a cold beer on a Friday night or sending our children to school- boys and girls, attending the church that we choose, access to information on the internet, and a million other things we forget every day. On Veterans Day we remember that throughout American history, there have been those who pledged their lives so that we could keep those small things we easily forget. Thanks!

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