Please Walk Away From Pyjamas In Public.

There is a trend here of (women!) college students walking their dogs (not curbing them, mind you) whilst attired in their bed-clothes. Flannel printed pyjama pants and fleece jackets. (Guys stick to jeans and fleece for the most part.) I don’t get it. If I lived on a large estate, I might consider throwing my camelhair polo coat over a pair of wellies and my pj’s to let the dogs out to chase deer, but here in the city, I just don’t get it. I’m beginning to think that people don’t actually own decent casual clothing.

(Jacket: Beretta/ Trousers: Zanella/Shoes: R. Martegani/Scarf: street vendor/ Gloves: Cadet fingers that were my father’s/Ray Ban Aviators)

I’m wearing a light blue polo collar merino wool sweater under the jacket and could just as easily have worn blue jeans, if that were my preference. I’d just come in from walking the dog.

So what else would I consider casual wear for early morning trots around the block? Bean boots/mocs. Wellies. Chukka/paddock boots. Quilted gilets or jackets. Waxed cotton jackets over cable knit sweaters. Down vests. Twill trousers. Cashmere sweaters and cords. Blue jeans under corduroy or tweed sportcoats. The list goes on. Really, wear almost anything as long as we just walk away from wearing pyjamas in public. But I don’t expect that the pyjama wearers read Easy and Elegant Life.

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