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Christmas Present

This Christmas, if I had to advise you to buy (or ask for) just one thing in the clothing department, it would be a cashmere sweater. The color is up to you, but I would like for you to consider the design.

This would be an appropriate time to ask: Polo, anyone?

A v-neck displays a tie nicely, but cannot be worn on its own.

A crew neck doesn’t work well with a tie and in my book needs to be worn over another shirt.

A turtleneck (roll neck) is fine, but very warm and certainly is worn only on its own.

But a polo collar, like those pictured above from Ben Silver, is the most versatile, comfortable and stylish for casual wear and layering purposes. Both The Architect and Corporate Creature make extensive use of the polo collar cashmere sweater during the winter and always look very elegant doing so. In particular the grey sweater combined with a khaki corduroy trouser and brown (perhaps suede) loafer is a sort of revelation — as suitable for the farmer’s market as the business casual office.

When filling out your Christmas wish list this year, check it twice for a cashmere polo collar sweater.




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