Am I Blue? The NXNW Suit Is Almost Finished

I may have chosen a swatch a little too blue, but the colour is in keeping with mine. There is also a greyer-blue version of this fabric. Still, I think that the details are there — the continuous waistband, the three-roll-two, the besom pockets, the side tabs and forward pleats, the fuller cut trouser (but not too full) — making a sort of updated sack suit. I say updated, because it is shaped, just as the originals were. The final touches are being applied, the button holes are being cut for the three sleeve buttons and I’m anxious to take delivery of the garment. It is a lighter weight fabric, most suitable to climate controlled environments, designed by me for The ICON Collection and available exclusively through Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers. What do you think?

I’m off to get my hair cut.

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9 Responses to Am I Blue? The NXNW Suit Is Almost Finished

  1. Todd Kunz says:

    That is a great looking suit. Good for you Chris.

  2. BarbaraG says:

    Well done! I think the NXWN suit will propel you to international fame. Cary Grant would be

  3. I think Eva Marie Saint would fall for you in a heartbeat!

  4. John says:

    A very attractive fabric. A wonderful color!

  5. Bradford says:

    Great suit, but can we can a shot of you being chased by a biplane to see how the fabric moves?

  6. ADG says:

    You know that I love you like family. But the trousers are too full.

  7. ADG, I followed the look from the movie, they are very full trousers. But, that said, do you mean for my frame, or in general? Thanks for the feedback. It is most appreciated.

  8. Le Chiffre says:

    I love the suit and I am really interested by the original cloth. That’s why I ask you how you recognized that it was a cloth with a windowpane pattern (light blue I guess), and such a noticeable one like it is on your replica suit. I always thought it was just a simple glen plaid (in a small size) in mid grey- mid blue. How, may I ask, did you notice the windowpane pattern ? I mean, which screenshots in the movie ? The only precise close-up screenshot of the suit in the whole movie is, but I may be wrong, the one of the 3-button jacket sleeve where we can have a closer look at the pattern. I hardly see a windowpane pattern, but that’s just me. So I would really be interested if you could tell me how you notice that windowpane pattern ! Thank you for your time.
    Anyway, fabulous suit, windowpane or not. Too bad we don’t get a look of the trousers !

  9. Hello Le Chiffre, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I used studio still shots and stop motion on the BluRay DVD. I think it is a Prince of Wales plaid. My tailor thinks it is a pick and pick or sharkskin.

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