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A Spring in My Step Despite a Cold.

Well,  I held out as long as I could. I’m the last one in the house to contract the crud that got brought home from school by my daughter. Nevertheless, I did get it.

Now there are those who, when feeling poorly, will snuggle into sweats and call it a day. All well and good, unless you still have parental duties to do. And on those days, I find that I would rather look good than to feel good. And sometimes, if I’m very lucky, I get to do both.

A case in point, wearing socks by Brescani. I ordered several pair of solids from A Suitable Wardrobe and unbeknownst to me, Will had the previous day dispatched a trial pair of Argyll to see if they met with my approval. Both the solids and the fancies have put a smile on my face and a spring in my step despite the head/chest cold.

Was it J. Wilberforce Wooster who asked “in times like these, do socks really matter?”

They most certainly do. You spend a fortune on shoes. You have your trousers made. Your linen is meticulously laundered. And yet, a quick glance at the sock drawer will do little to reward your sartorial nature. Go get a pair of your wool socks right now. Or are you wearing them? Sturdy, yes, dependable certainly. Possibly black. Have they begun to pill? How’s the elastic holding up? Are they…. itchy? Sorry about that, I hate to remind you. That’s because you are not wearing a sock of merino wool, silk, cotton, and/or other truly luxury yarns made up into one of the finest gentleman’s hose available to those of us who are not Papally (thanks, Mike) appointed or Royally blessed.

You will not believe the difference that a good pair of socks makes. You simply must experience it yourself (and the joy of the transaction is knowing that Will, ever exacting, settles for nothing short of the best experience in sourcing goods and providing exceptional customer service. I feel so strongly about this that I asked Will if I could run his ad on Easy and Elegant Life.) Step a little livelier after stepping into a pair of fine quality hose.

4 thoughts on “A Spring in My Step Despite a Cold.

  1. Not really what you had in mind, but since I’ve learned to knit I’ve discovered the luxury of hand-knit woolen socks. What else is one supposed to wear with one’s Birkenstocks during the winter? 😉

  2. This is a brilliant post! Thank you. In fact, I would love it if you would do a few posts on clothing for the rest of life’s (mis) adventures. Most knuckleheads can pull it together for a business meeting or a dinner out, but I was thinking just this morning as I was slogging through the mud to the barn, that the measure of elegant living/dressing surely must be what one wears in the rest of one’s life- and that is precisely what one never reads about. Building an elegant, practical, (nurturing?) wardrobe for when one is home with a cold, when one is working in the barn, when one is doing yard chores. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Feeling much better, thanks.

    J&G, I like that idea. It is in keeping with my mission here, spotlighting the “easy” part of E&EL. My neighbours chuckle and said that they spotted me a block away during one of the improvement projects. I showed up to jackhammer in my bean boots, ancient corduroys, and ocbd shirt and an old sweater — my yard clothes.

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