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Trying to the Eye.

Coat: Agnès B. Shirt: Land’s End Custom. Tie: Drake’s. Click through to get a dizzying close-up.

We’re winding down breast cancer awareness month and I’ve slipped a bit of pink into my wardrobe more often (how is that possible? I wear pink a lot). I was initially pleased with the colour combination shown above, but on review, the scale of the patterns is too similar for the effect to be pleasing to the eye. I blame the shirt/coat juxtaposition in this case. I’d probably switch the pocket square, too. The patterns are trying to the eye.

Let’s face it, this was all an excuse to wear the black and pink grenadine tie. I am really fond of a grenadine tie.

Below the coat, charcoal grey trousers (single pleat, narrow leg, side tabs), custom by Leviner Wood. Black wingtip slip-on shoes with elastic side gores by A. Testoni. (I’m still getting used to them as they were made on a sort of boot-like last.)

I don’t always get it right, but I’ll never stop experimenting.


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