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Kilim It

Herewith a shot of pattern and colour mixing courtesy of a jacket and a pair of kilim carpet slippers. There is a bit of texture play too with the lizard (embossed) watch band, pink ocbd (pink plays off the red overcheck on the coat, the slippers, the brown watch band, trousers and my complexion), khakis and the rest of the kit. Rounding out the patterns and textures was a paisley silk square seen the other day in the same jacket. This was a hastily assembled costume as I had just a few minutes to slip out the door and begin a round of appointments.

My point here is that a sportcoat and one other accessory can elevate an ordinary look into something more (perhaps this was a bit much for the day, but it made me smile and my two appointments know me well).

I ended the afternoon with a trip through our Lowe’s (a hardware store), which raised more than a few eyebrows, some of which were pierced… . Happy casual Friday.


5 thoughts on “Kilim It

  1. Fantastic!! It takes a bold and confident man to wear those slippers to Lowes!! I can see you dragging a piece of sheet rock out of there with them on!!!


  2. Yes, I may have finally given into jeans on Fridays with the rest of my office -but I make sure to wear a sports jacket to nicen it up a bit. Still not brave enough for the slippers but I’ll work up to it!

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