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Harmony of Colour

Lately I’ve found myself wearing more “country clothing”, partly because of the weather change. Where previously I would reach for a suit, I find myself reaching for a sportcoat and odd trousers. At least during the day.

The photo above will give you a good idea of a not entirely original ensemble. I’ve chosen to wear a plain blue ocbd shirt as the background to the tie and coat combination. The tie and coat both consist of the same colour scheme — a brick-red and green — and the pocket square is a muted green with white and red boxes. The overall effect is pleasing to my eye and less jarring than some of the other combinations that I throw together. That may be one of the cornerstones to an easy elegance — harmony.

I think that’s why it would be a joy to have a country home, so that the two warring sides of my personality would have equal expression instead of having to duke it out here at The Manse. For, while I don’t live with traditional furnishings, I love a traditionally inspired home. Mrs. E, however, finds the country to be surrounded by too much countryside ever to be comfortable.

(Photo: Traditional Home.)

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  1. Your posts are such a brigth spot in my day; I do enjoy them so much! Thank you most sincerely.

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