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Fall’s Colours Continued

At 70°F it may be considered a bit warm for woolen clothing. Unless you consider that flannel was once used for summer’s white trousers. I didn’t go that far, mine are banker’s grey worn with chocolate suede monkstraps.

In my defence, it was all of 48°F when I dressed for the day. Click through for more detail.

Coat: Polo Ralph Lauren/Shirt: Canali/Wool Tie: Hickey Freeman/Scarf: Atom Retro/Wool and Silk Pocketsquare: Drake’s

4 thoughts on “Fall’s Colours Continued

  1. “…….. that flannel was once used for summer’s white trousers…..” Perhaps, but that was in the UK, not the U.S. and most definately, not the U.S. South (at least, not for long). Clothing traditions from the UK must be applied with discretion and good reasoning when attempting them in the U.S. Aside from climate, central heating also plays a more fundamental role in American lives than it does in the UK.

  2. Are the formal uniforms of Navy or U.S. Marines white flannel? I have never seen one up close but always wondered about the fabrication.

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