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Drake’s Diary

In the morning, when I awake, would that I could stroll down to Drake’s….

Mr. G. Bruce Boyer, noted author,  is now penning a newsletter for the haberdashery. (He’s on the right standing next to the always sartorially resplendent ADG, whose photo I shamelessly cribbed.)

The first offering is a pitch, naturally! But as Mr. B so rightly points out, they’ve got stuff worth buying. The case in point?



Softly tailored, minimally constructed sportcoats in English autumnal hues. I would live in one of these if A) I could afford it, and B) it were available online. The new coats are only sold at the flagship store at the moment. In the meantime, look and dream. And sign up for the diary at Drake’s.

4 thoughts on “Drake’s Diary

  1. Dear E&E,
    My great good thanks for mentioning my endeavor with Drakes, and for directing your readers to my Gary Cooper book.When I say I’m a fan of your site, I want to assure you it’s not log rolling, you are on my daily list.
    Again, thank you so much,
    Bruce Boyer

  2. I think this is a decision based on their new owners in HK (The gents behind The Armoury). It is an interesting move to release jackets under the Drakes label. Drakes = ties and it’s always risky to try to redefine such a strogn brand…. at least New Coke was still a cola.

    Regardless, I’m right behind you in line to buy one of these jackets, after I sell my car.

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