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Time Is On My Side

Yes, it is.

I miss my watch. The world is full of clocks, but as a guy who grew up relying on wristwatches to keep me on track, I feel like I’m constantly late. My watch (Dad’s) needs cleaning, which will involve secret procedures, special tape and a waiting game as the watch winds its way to Texas and back. My backups are dead. Their mechanisms shot and not worth fixing (again). The gold pocket watches are pretty neat, but require a jacket to wear, as far as I’m concerned, and even better, a vest and it’s still too warm in Central Virginia to wear one. In fact, the pocket watches are so heavy that they really take a tweed jacket to carry comfortably. Too warm for tweeds obviously.

What I need is an emergency back up watch that is sleek enough to wear with dress clothing — the G-Shock just doesn’t look right — but I’m having an awful time (no pun intended) finding a cheap tank watch, or a decent looking round-faced, gold-rimmed thing that will look good with either a ribbon band or a leather strap. Everything I find has too many buttons, dials and other complications that would mystify me.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s event is semi-formal and one needn’t wear a wrist watch with black-tie. You’re supposed to be having too much fun to worry about the sitter’s bill. So, tomorrow at least, time is on my side.

This’ll do.

4 thoughts on “Time Is On My Side

  1. Chris, I have two very elegant everyday tank watches that can pass for something well beyond their worth. They are really both very beautiful watches but did not cost that much. One is an Armani tank with a black leather band and the other is a Tommy Bahama with a walnut band. You can often get these type of watches at your local Nordstrom Rack for about a third of their normal price. I saw some high end Movado watches there the other day (Nordstrom price $1700, Nordstrom Rack price $675).

    Nothing will replace your father’s watch, but these will look great and not cost you an arm and a leg.

  2. I thought you would have a “watch fob!”
    One job that has not seemed to slow down even during this economic slump are the watch repair technicians for the high end luxury watches. I think having a good watch requires maintenance, like a car.
    You might look on the Moma site or the Mondraine site for some nice watches.
    like your timex.

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