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The Icon Collection: Astaire DeButed

Now that the North By Northwest suit is in production, I’ve been giving some thought to the next suit to hang in The Icon Collection. A brief burst of Fall-like weather last week had me whistling a tune on the way to the studio where the answer was hanging right in front of me.

(I bought my print from Allposters.com)

Fred Astaire, in a publicity shot for Broadway Melody of 1940, is one of the three icons I have framed and hung on the wall in my space. Now, I could make an entire wardrobe out of Astaire’s clothing choices, he was wonderfully kitted out through his many decades in the public eye, so why did I choose this particular suit? Fall allows for a warmer fabric to be worn — flannel, for example — and Fred Astaire was Mr. Flannel. He wore the fabric so much that Audrey Hepburn had a picture frame wrapped in grey flannel to hold his photo.

The second reason that I so love this suit is its vest. With the double-breasted suit back in fashion (huzzah!), I’m hoping that a return to the more elegant suit isn’t far behind, and what is more elegant than a natty three-piece featuring a rarely-seen-outside-the-custom-and-bespoke-world double-breasted vest?

4 thoughts on “The Icon Collection: Astaire DeButed

  1. I have a special fondness for double-breasted vests. I’m commissioning a friend to make me a cycling suit that features one!

  2. What kind of suit jacket do you think it is ? A 2 or a 3 button ? Fabulous outfit anyway !

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