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Neck Decor


I think it was GQ’s Jim Moore who said that the sock is going to be the big story this year. Fashionable men everywhere will festoon miles of shinbone with all the colours of the rainbow. I, for one, am looking forward to it. It will bring attention to their shoes and hopefully have a lingering and positive effect. Socks, however whimsical, don’t go with flip-flops.

Fancy socks will, of course, be for the man who can wear what he pleases to work. I doubt we’ll see too many lawyers, accountants, judges, policemen, etc. proudly sporting Papal Purple or Cardinal Red stripes let alone ScalamandrĂ©-esque zebra designs. For my money, the man who can wear whatever to work should be more focused on wearing…. ties.

“You choose to wear a tie when you work from home?” I can hear the incredulous creatives ask.

Well, I am barefoot at the moment, so I don’t feel at all restricted, but yes, yes I do. The tie serves no real purpose, at least here in the U.S. where we don’t have regimental stripes or school ties to don. An American tie is purely decorative. And, in the case of the one worn today, a delight to knot. I love when Drake’s includes a grenadine in the sale line-up!



One thought on “Neck Decor

  1. I know what you mean… Glad to know some people really enjoy knotting a tie…especially when you’re at home! I do like those Grenadines from Drakes.

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