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Friday Night I Crashed Your Party…..






(Larry, just before the event kicked off. These were the last minutes of the seven hour smoking/grilling routine.)

I know, as a friend used to tell me, “Don’t look now, your Billy Joel’s showing….”

Friday’s tailorgaiting was fun! The weather was perfect, the crowd, talkative, and the ribs were possibly the best I’ve ever had. (For the recipe click here.) I picked out a couple of fabrics to work with for The Icon Collection, a black and white gingham and a vintage looking light blue stripe (I’ll post the photos of the swatches soon). I’d also like to do a horizontal stripe shirt inspired by those favoured by AJ Drexel Biddle., possibly with the club collar, but that’s up to you all to tell me. Subscribers to the collection may have their collars however they’d like them, of course.

So, as one reader asked, what does one wear to a barbecue? Well, considering that I was headed to my tailor’s for the event, and that most of his clients would be in business clothes, I opted for a middle-of-the-road solution: khakis, a sportcoat, striped shirt (with club collar) and a bow tie (easier to clean a shirt than the silk tie….) Fortunately, my clothes emerged unscathed by repeated attacks on the racks of ribs.



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