Excuse Me for a Moment, Won’t You?

Excuse me whilst I seek inspiration, I’ll return to being the man behind the curtain in just a moment.

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4 Responses to Excuse Me for a Moment, Won’t You?

  1. BarbaraG says:

    Looking forward to the reveal. I hope is well.

  2. David Toms says:

    I adore this picture by Gruau

  3. David V says:

    As long as all is well at home all is well here.

  4. Paula says:

    Your posts are always missed! . . . for all of us, a good time to pause, remember and reflect on the attacks of September 11, 2001. Old Glory flies at our home for the entire weekend–showing respect is always elegant and, like good manners, makes life more civilized. Best wishes to E&EL!

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