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Effective Affectation: Chalkstripes, Shirts and Ties.

The striped suit, and in particular, the chalk stripe, has taken on sinister meaning these last few years. With news of fresh financial scandals breaking almost monthly, the favoured fabric of the broker/trader seems to have fallen out of favour as more men who work in the financial industry try to keep  low profiles. For me, they are almost an affectation. At one point, almost every suit I owned was a chalkstripe, but I’m a bit flashy.

This particular example, a Ralph Lauren model, is full cut for today’s tastes, but it is comfortable and remains serviceable. The lapels are moderate enough to accommodate my new Drake’s tie, which was the reason for choosing the suit to begin with. My point is this: if you like it, wear it. Buy conservatively cut clothing and you won’t go out of style, even if you may never be fashionable. Or to put it into financial advisor speak: a carefully considered, conservative portfolio of suits and diversified ties and shirts will never be affected by headlines.

2 thoughts on “Effective Affectation: Chalkstripes, Shirts and Ties.

  1. You my friend are no rouge trader so there is no need to keep a low profile. Carry on with it for it fits you well.

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