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2 thoughts on “BoardDB_2

  1. Chris, I am ready to order my first bespoke DB suit. Since I will pay dearly for this, I do not want to make any mistakes. Do you have any suggestions on the cloth weight and color? Where I live, we have very few hot days and 75% of our year is in the low to mid 50s. I have many nice suits, but this DB suit I want to really pop for special occasions. Thanks again for your great web site.

  2. Hello Todd, Perfect weather for a solidly built DB. I suppose it depends on the use/non-use of heating. If the buildings are over-heated, you may want to stick to a “year-’round” weight (say 9-10 oz.) as that is easiest to find these days. 12 – 14 will be bullet proof.

    Colour should be based on your colouring. But, having said that, a navy blue can be seriously dressed up for dinners and cocktails and would be my first choice. It is the next most formal suit to a dinner jacket. Grey flannel would be Fred Astaire’s choice, and is a step down in the formality scale.

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