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Board Silly

“What do you mean, you don’t know what to wear..?”

Today at noon will begin my tenure on the board of Central Virginia’s only professional theatre. I’m on the development committee, which, as I understand it, means I will be strongarming …. errr … politely asking for meetings to raise money to keep our fine cultural institution in the swing of things.

This is the first board on which I’ve sat, and it’s absolutely silly for me to be worried about how I will present myself. After all, I’m not the Chairman.


Paisley bow from the Tie Bar. POW blue and yellow custom shirt, blue nailhead DB, midnight blue gabardines (very full cut, perhaps too for this day and age) and suede captoes. I wouldn’t want them to think I am too serious.

The DB is making a comeback and in a slimmer cut. It’s about time. Two things to look for: a wide lapel must have a very nipped waist and only slightly extended shoulders; the configuration should be 6-buttons-2

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