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Completely Addicted: Back In a Bit

Off to the Kennedy Center to see “Uncle Vanya” starring Cate Blanchette. In the meantime, I’m completely addicted to Colonial Goods’ tumblr. Exceedingly easy and elegant whilst being very modern. Warning: you will want to go through all 200 + … Continue reading

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Shockoe and Awe

Word has reached Easy and Elegant Life World HQ that a small band of resistance fighters have established a foothold in the corporate casual corridors of a law firm here in downtown. Richmond’s very own Sartorial Shock(oe) Troops as it … Continue reading

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Inside the NXNW Suit: A Silver(Grey) Lining?

Well dear readers, just because I’m not swanning about in a suit most of these dog days doesn’t mean that they are far from my mind. In particular I’m thinking of the North By Northwest suit that I have commissioned. … Continue reading

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