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Modern Art, Vintage Style.

As I sit here downing a Blenheim #3 red Cap Ginger Ale before polishing a pair of shoes or two, I am put in mind of friend of Easy & Elegant Life and frequent commentator, Brohammas. As those of you who have met him know, he is a dark horse, talented, adventurous, etcetera, etcetera. Somehow, during his very busy life as employee, husband, father, traveller, blogger and painter, he has managed to find the time to start a new project inspired by his love of vintage illustration.

Go check it out, it’s fantastic! I’ve already commissioned a piece.

3 thoughts on “Modern Art, Vintage Style.

  1. Hi Chris,
    His blog is one of my daily visits.
    Brohammas is a talented artist and has
    done many portraits of bloggers, including
    Mr. E & E.

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