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Liquid Lunches. The ABCs of ABV.

It all started with a statement made on his Facebook page by the gentleman above.

In my book, you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle if you don’t drink wine at lunch. 2006 Tilenus, a delicious random sample

It being summer, and Mrs. E. in attendance at the Manse, we are lucky enough to have lunch together. Once in a while, I’ll make something special that calls for a glass of wine. Hot weather, in my book, calls for a chilled bone-dry rosé, so I thought I’d ask Mr. Broadbent about his statement. Do rosé and white fall into the healthy lifestyle category? Or must we go to Malbec, with its higher than average levels of resveratrol?

Below is his answer.

Red, white and rosé… depends on the dish. However, at least half a bottle a day because I have half a bottle in the evening, or more, and a glass or two at lunch. However, note that I am talking the 12% to 14% alc range of wines. If you drink 15% alcohol wines, half a bottle at night is a lot, 12% or 13% wine is moderation and 3/4 a bottle of 12.5% is not excessive at all [but know the limits when it comes to driving afterwards].

Here’s a little more to chew over about alcohol levels in wine. In the meantime, I’m off to plan today’s luncheon and choose a wine for a dinner party this evening… Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Liquid Lunches. The ABCs of ABV.

  1. People who drink wine for health reasons have one glass of wine with dinner. When people begin analyzing drinking with statistics about what is moderate and what is excessive, they sound like alcoholics.

  2. Of course I take the E.E.L. view. I would drink wine with every lunch and dinner at home if I had that much wine at home. I do drink wine with most lunches and dinners when I am traveling.

    To your point, I am very much in love with AJ Liebling’s favorite Tavel which is a crisp rose from the Rhone valley. It can hold its own with any dish and has delightful flavor to drink on its own on a broiling summer day or evening. As the case may be.

    Otherwise I go with a Vouvray.


  3. I like a light, crisp wine with lunch (rose, vouvray) and a glass of something meatier with dinner. Honestly, the key is moderation, and that moderation level is different for each person. Wine is healthier than most vices, and as long as we view it as a component of the meal versus a balm against the stresses of the day (‘cuz who wouldn’t want to drink as much wine as they could!) we can enjoy it to our heart’s content.

  4. We typically open wine while preparing dinner as well as have a glass with dinner pretty much every evening, all seasons of the year, except on weekends when we indulge in a cocktail. I have never once checked to see what the alcohol content is on anything, but it is interesting to know the variations. In the past two years we have discovered the wonderful varieties of Belgian beers, sparkling Deus being among our favorites; many of these beers have pretty hefty alcohol content, so it can take one by surprise.

    Off subject–we are on our third, if not fourth viewing of the Downton Abbey series and can’t wait for 2011 and special Christmas season coming up!

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