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Country Club Casual

This is the J Press polo shirt that I received for my birthday. I’m happy to report that it does very well under my linen blazer. Yes, this is an exceedingly casual outfit, but it’s been beastly hot these last few days and my only appointment today is with the pediatrician as I have one child with high fever and nausea and a follow-up for the other. I wrote about my luncheon with a well-dressed man who sported this look with his Hermès loafers. Elegant? Perhaps in a prep way, but definitely more put together than the usual cargo shorts/t-shirt/Keene sandals approach.

I think the success of the shirt lies in its collar. It is higher and a bit more structured than the typical piqué offering. The stripes make it a little more dressy as does the flat weave.  All-in-all, I’m pleased and will buy more at the store. The shipping charge of USD$15 makes it too steep for me to order a single shirt.

Pick up one or two and head into the weekend in a certain style.

3 thoughts on “Country Club Casual

  1. I love a man who doesn’t wear those hideous cargo shorts and Keen sandals when said man is not out hiking. Your attire is more appropriate, more mature and more stylish than anyone I’ve seen at my club. The devil in me wants to print your photo, blow it up, and tape it to the men’s dressing room with a caption reading, “THIS is what we mean by dress code!”

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