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Bow-th Pros and Cons

(Loose clothing and an undershirt, along with a sprinkling of Gold Bond, make these days bearable. Fashionable? Perhaps not. Comfortable? Yes. Cotton Bowtie by The Cordial Churchman.)

The case for a bow tie in hot weather made be made with the argument that it is made of significantly less material than the four-in-hand. That extra layer running down your shirt front isn’t always welcome in the heat and humidity.

The other side of the argument would insist that the four-in-hand is more comfortable in that it can be loosened without untying the knot, ventilating the neck. The half-staff tie may then be cinched up when clients approach or luncheon at the restaurant requires it (if there is a restaurant that requires it these days.)

At the end of the day, however, the bow tie may be untied for that Pal Joey look or removed altogether and easily folded into a pocket.

So, if you are required, or just like to wear a tie, which would you choose as the more comfortable during the dog days?

4 thoughts on “Bow-th Pros and Cons

  1. A bow tie can be comfortable in warm weather because one can tie a nice bow without having the tie constrict the neck. More comfortable I think than a regular tie.

  2. I like the bowtie also, in hot weather. As John says, it doesn’t need to constrict, and when you’re miserable already, a necktie flapping around is just another %$#? thing to bother you

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