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A Few Father’s Day Ideas

Getting ready for the Fetch-a-Cure fundraiser, the second of five parties we attended last weekend.

We’re not the easiest to buy for and Father’s Day is just around the corner. Now, I can’t speak for the rest of my gender, but were you to ruminate about the perfect day, find, experience, etc. for someone like…. oh … me, here are a few suggestions.

I’m not that comfortable in a swimsuit. It’s the lack of a shirt that I find discomforting. That and my middle-age middle being on display. The trick to my being happy to lounge about poolside is to find a tailored swimsuit. B² had one that I wrote about here. They’ve discontinued it, of course, but the cut and the best part (no elastic waistband that cinches you into almost unavoidable “muffin-top” horror) lives on with the exclusive swimwear brand Orlebar Brown. (Full disclosure, should you buy through this post, I will be compensated. I approached them.)

This is the Bulldog. Excellent menswear inspired swimshort with a 17cm (6 3/4″) inseam, bar tacked seams, a metal zipper and zippered back pocket and side adjusters for the perfect fit. I like red swimsuits. If you click-through to the site, check out the Terry polo — very James Bond in “Dr. No”, or is it “Goldfinger”?

Something to help with that well-tailored suit? I can’t stand the lumpiness of house and car keys. Nor do I like the way that they can damage a touch screen on my cell phone. I’ve looked forever to find a key case that is as functional as it is elegant. Ettinger is where I should have started (see disclosure above).

Classic black and tan to match the Benz.

British Racing Green for the Jag.

Things a little tight this year as they are here? Treat your favourite dad to breakfast in the garden before the heat of the day takes hold. Eggs James Bond, an Alaskan smoked salmon or some good bacon and a good blend of coffee (mine is the half-caf Stir Crazy Blend) delivered in a French press. A favourite book, magazine or copy of the Sunday paper is always welcome.

Finally, you might just want to get away from it all. An evening at a local hotel with dinner and the chance of a morning swim, massage, scenic walk or tee-time for the both of you would be just the ticket for those of you who have a packed social agenda. Returning refreshed to your kids may be the best gift of all.

As long as I’m dreaming big …

One thought on “A Few Father’s Day Ideas

  1. Hello Chris.

    After trying Taylor’s of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream for myself and being most pleased with the smell, feel and quality of the product – I’ve bought a second tub for my Dad’s fathers day gift. The pressure is off now that’s sorted.

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