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The Long or Short of It.

I was completely comfortable at church in this three season Oxxford suit on Sunday. Brunch outside at Cancan was a bit warm though, I will admit. Seersucker, poplin or linen are really the only fabrics that I can stand when the mercury tops 90ºF (32ºC). I’m in white linen trousers and a butcher stripe shirt today. As I stopped off to buy some yoghurt, I noticed that I was the only adult male at the store wearing trousers instead of shorts. Admittedly, the other men were mostly pensioners, retirees, what-have-you, but I do think that we can do a bit better.
This summer make a point of upping your casual game. It really is as simple as choosing a lightweight collared shirt and equally comfortable trousers. Socks are optional.

5 thoughts on “The Long or Short of It.

  1. I get a panicky feeling when the temperature is too high and I have a tie on… feels like suffocation. Summer is high season for the undershirt under the dress shirt if a jacket must be worn.

    Glad you’re at it.

  2. Chris:

    Very nice rig. Down here in Texas it’s just plain hot, whether seersucker, poplin, linen or light worsted, it just doesn’t matter! So I tell my customers, “If you’re going to be hot, you may as well look good doing it!”

    You look good doing it!


  3. So the question must be asked, if it is not unpleasant, but downright hot, how does one dress up without just plain looking a mess?
    I can do linen with the best of ’em, but if asked to do more than sneeze, the collar is soaked, the forehead is dripping, anything and everything sticks to me and I’m sure those forced to deal with me would be repulsed moreso than if I were wearing shorts. what to do?

  4. Brohammas, You did a pretty good job yesterday! Under a shirt with a jacket, wear a t. Under the t, wear Gold Bond powder. It cools nicely. Loose clothing is cooler and I make liberal use of my handkerchief to wipe my forehead, etc. Dosed with a little St. John West Indian Lime cologne, it works really well to give you the illusion that you’re cooler.

    Britt, a fine formula.

    Y-W-P, I also do a light starch on my shirts in winter and a medium one in summer.

    Raulston, a white collar always makes me feel a bit cooler somehow.

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