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Wrinkle While You Work

It’s going to be very hot today. 91ºF (33ºC) or more. Hotter tomorrow. Which begs the question, should you leave your linen jacket on whilst working at your desk in order that it wrinkle at the same pace as your trousers?

The things they don’t teach you at University.

11 thoughts on “Wrinkle While You Work

  1. …And as a man I can rearrange my clothing to accomodate myself to the environment. hence I remove my jacket. But, because I am not on the beach, I do not remove my shirt.
    Now were I niether animal nor man, but a god, I would just turn down the thermostat.

  2. great suit! haircut as well! though i’m in the process of growing mine out til the end of the year. we’ll see how long before i cave in again. =) i’d take it off just to showcase the vest. but if it were just a 2 piece i’d leave it on.

  3. Oy, we were in DC this past weekend, and me believing the weather reports only brought gaberdine (I completely spelled that wrong, I’m sure) trousers and linen coats.

    But, to answer your question, keep it on. Stiff upper lip and, of course, turn on the air.

  4. I’m impressed that you will wear a 3 piece suit in 33 degree heat! Very impressed. Off to find a linen 3 piece for the Australian Summer!!

  5. Peter, let’s be honest. I wear a three-piece in the air-conditioning. But outside, anything at all is miserable, so might as well look as put-together as possible.

  6. Summertime I pretty much take everything off but my boxer shorts. (Which are oxford cloth blue and match my Farrow and Ball office walls.)

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