The Long and Short of Summerwear

I had another enjoyable luncheon with the man I met last year. His sartorial choices are always fun to witness. He is what would have been called Preppy in the 80’s, or HUB for you Stillman fans. Dyed in the madras, as it were.

Now I haven’t worn shorts for anything beyond yard work or dashes into Duck, NC for supplies in years. I’m middle-aged and it seems unseemly, but here is a man, just a few years my senior, who cheerfully paired khaki Bermuda shorts with Gucci loafers (his were brown),


a rakishly striped polo shirt (if I ventured to guess, I’d say J Press)


and a hopsack blazer (white square).

It helps that he is slender, tanned and actually has that prep school pedigree in spades (Connecticut schooling, followed by a men-only college in Virginia and stints in New York and Washington D.C. for work…..) Why does it help? Because he wears the cloths unself-consciously, as he has for most of his adult life, and therefore they are authentic to his lifestyle.

Which in my world is an interesting thing to contemplate.

What do you get away with wearing because of your background or heritage, geographical location, etcetera that would look slightly off-kilter on someone else?

Discuss, I’m off to find one of those shirts, they look comfortable.

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