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The Extra Chair

I think that my mother has found me the solution to my extra chair needs. This folding bamboo number from Ballard Designs. USD$99 for a set of two.

9 thoughts on “The Extra Chair

  1. What your Mother neglected to tell you is that you can get them at folding-table-chair on line for $21 each. That way you can get 4 for under $100.

  2. I’ve had a pair of those chairs for many years…bought them at a flea market 2 for $25. They are absolutely perfect. The neighbors are always borrowing them. They are comfortable, sturdy and they look great…the chairs, not the neighbors.

  3. This looks like the perfect summer special event chair–we need a break from the white slat-back folding chair for graduation parties and the ‘gilded’ rental number that everyone uses for their weddings, although it is a good one, too. I love faux bamboo! Set the tables with bright table cloths–like pink or salmon or a bright green–and sew up some pattern cloth napkins. Looks like a winner to me! We should all own at least 24 of these, right?

  4. I couldn’t imagine doing without my two bamboo folding chairs. I also have a folding bamboo table and hae used them for at least 15 years. The BEST!

  5. i just found four great lyre-back folding chairs at the goodwill for $28. a coat of gloss black paint and some new fabric on the seats will really make them special.

  6. A man of my *uhumm* stature, is afraid to sit on anything folding and faux. I have a fear of destroying the property of my hosts.

  7. What a nice idea… charming and reasonable.
    I love your website! Not sure how I’ve missed you until now, but I’m glad the wait is over… smart and funny – my two top criteria for following!

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