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Polo (Collars) Anyone?

I’ve always been a long sleeve guy, except in high summer when I’m very casual. But with my recent experiments into smart casual, and my luncheon last week, I thought about incorporating a polo collar shirt into my everyday kit. The problem, as you can see above, is with the collar lying flat. Try as I might, it won’t do it. It didn’t bother me too much, just enough.

Do you often wear a short sleeve polo shirt in summer? With a blazer of sportcoat? What brand collar does best at keeping a crisp-ish look?

12 thoughts on “Polo (Collars) Anyone?

  1. I have never been a fan of the three buttoned anything under a jacket or sport coat. Can’t put a finger on why… I just cant get with it.

  2. Thanks for the post! Obviously, a polo shirt works only under sportcoats and blazers that are very summer-y. But, in that case, they look and feel terrific on a hot day (in my opinion).

    As for the collar problem, I think you need a shirt with a thicker collar that will stay nicely folded under the jacket. I’ve had some luck with the Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Polo and the Ralph Lauren Mesh Polo. The Ben Silver Polo also looks promising in this regard, although I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Hmmm Chris I will have to investigate further I have seen and like the look, maybe there is a secret to keeping the collar in place. Another alternative is a fine cotton or silk knit (black or blue) with a round neckline.

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  4. Not a fan of SS anything under a blazer or jacket, however the collar issue is all about fine gauge material. A chunky mesh polo is great to wear, but sits poorly on its own much less under another article of clothing. A finer pima cotton or lisle weave seems to do better.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts as you experiment.

  5. Tasso Elba, Bobby Jones, and to a slightly lesser degree, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman brands have all been good to me in the collar department. This is in addition to the already-mentioned Brooks Brothers. I have a Tasso on right now, and it looks and feels wonderful…no curling collar here. I don’t do Izod or Ralph Lauren ’cause I don’t do logos. The other thing I always do, immediately with all shirts, is to take off any sewed-on chest pocket, as it gives a cleaner look, IMO. This includes all long-sleeved dress shirts, casual shirts, and in short anything except my lawn-mowing t-shirts. Good luck.

  6. After some thought I think my issue is with the modern implication of a “jacket” of any sort being a bit dressy, and the “polo” being at heart a sport shirt.

    A polo is forever in my mind a sport shirt and trying to dress it up is just off base.

    After saying this I admit, I am a Philistine.

  7. I received a polo shirt as a gift from a lady (not the J. Press) this weekend, so I have happened to ponder the same thing for the past few days.

    Did you by chance receive my email?

  8. I’ve often found polo-shirts under anything tricky.

    I like them as summer wear.
    I’m living in London at the moment, so that we can go to Europe as much as possible.
    One of my summer tourist uniforms is a polo with a pair of linen or cotton pants with a crease ironed in the front, and a pair of gum-soled desert boots.
    It’s a distinctly casual outfit, but it is remarkable how something that casual still looks dressy alongside jeans, polo and running shoes. And is as or more comfortable.

    What to wear in the early morning before it gets hot is a problem, so if you can resolve this one, I’d certainly welcome it.

  9. Hilton, I did not. Please send it along again. Thanks!

    AW, I always travel with a sweater. It gets looped around my neck or tied around my waist when it gets too warm.

    Brohammas, it’s this grey area that is interesting to me as I explore smart casual. Then again, you’ve seen my
    casual attempts….

    Stitcheau, thanks! I’ll look into the Tasso Alba.

    Wisco, I’ll be updating as I figure things out.

  10. I hate to admit this, I both iron and lightly starch the collar. Problem solved.

    However, I tend to iron just about everthing.

  11. I wear both Lacoste and sweater shirts under jackets year round. I find the only way to keep that collar in place is to button the top button. Admittedly, a buttoned up collar defeats the comfort purpose here.

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