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Lax. Easy Days and the ICON Seersucker

That’s “lax” as in lackadaisical. My posts have come in later than usual. I blame the hair. I’m feeling very at ease lately. No sense of urgency. Perhaps it’s the impending summer season. Maybe it’s my 45th coming up. Maybe it’s the lack of exercise. Or the upcoming 5th anniversary of being cancer-free (this time). I don’t know.

Looking forward to this.

My summer suits screed had me over at the studio and deciding on the ICON Collection Spring Summer Seersucker based on this:

A grey and cream, I think. Just my personal preference. Unconstructed as much as possible.

Three piece so that I can wear each piece on its own. Anyone care to join me?

(UPDATE: for those who would like to commission the suit, it will cost USD$1095.)

19 thoughts on “Lax. Easy Days and the ICON Seersucker

  1. I always loved that 3 piece number – for the seersucker fabric and the glasses.
    enjoy and celebrate the wearing in good health!

  2. Wonderful material – enjoy, and share pictures immediately open receipt!

  3. Chris, Congratulations on five years! Here’s hoping the next five will be even better. I only wish work would accommodate my wish to slow down. Enjoy it it-

    In so far as the suit, sign me up-

  4. Chris congratulations on your 5th anniversary and may you enjoy #45 and all future birthdays in good health.

  5. Chris, I like the white contrast piping on that navy knit “polo” shirt. Would that be Penguin perchance?

    Looking forward to seeing the finished ‘sucker.

  6. I love the idea of 3-piece seersucker, though I’ve seen it come under fire on some of the style forums. The main argument seems to be that a summer suit, especially one made of a fabric designed to touch the body less, should not have a waistcoat since it negates the whole purpose of a light suit. To my thinking, the habit of lining summer suits with non-breathing fabrics like polyester is the greater crime. I have a Haspel 2-piece that came lined in polyester, completely defeating the purpose of seersucker and making my arms sweat like they were in a hothouse (I’ve since had my tailor re-line the jacket).

    I spend a lot of time wearing trousers and waistcoat combos with no jacket, so a 3-piece seersucker suit is right up my alley. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of waistcoats in summer and on linings for summer suits.

  7. I think the changing seasons, the suddenly much longer days, the extra garden work and house maintenance can bring on some lethargy, at least in my case.

    I’m not crazy about 3 piece for summer, but there are sometimes chilly late spring days that the vest is suitable for, and just the trousers with vest open is a fun look for a casual outdoor evening gathering when a suit amongst the others might look stuffy or formal.

    The fellow above has raised an excellent point with regard to the lining. Of course Haspel should line with something breathable, or even better as he says, one of those partial linings that is basically in the shoulder area. I have a very heavy, thick Scottish tweed sport coat that is only partially lined, and it would be much too bulky and warm if it hadn’t been done this way. For the most part I find sportjackets too warm, and I prefer the few I have that have partial linings.

    Best wishes for your 45th, and may you and those around you continue to enjoy good health in every way.

  8. I think seersucker might be just the perfect way to celebrate your good health and 45th birthday! I love the grey + cream Sea Island Cotton, and in three unstructured pieces – perfect for your “lax” moments, too!
    Cheers to you ; )

  9. Tom, it’s Ralph’s.

    Partial linings — “buggy lined” is the term I think — are my preference. The argument for lining is that it allows the coat to slide around on you and not rumple as quickly. Unlined coats require more work as the seams must be finished to look good.

    Thank you everyone for the best wishes.

  10. MAL, I’ll need your measurements if you’d like a suit. Video instructions can be accessed under the Icon collection page. I can get back to you with a price.

  11. Mr. Gilbert, I like poplin a lot. However, seersucker wears even cooler as only about 30% of the material will touch your skin thanks to the weave. Add a minimal lining/structure and it will be among the coolest garments you own.

  12. you’re a taurus? me too! well maybe you’re a gemini. =) but would explain your love of the elegant life if you were.

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