Lax. Easy Days and the ICON Seersucker

That’s “lax” as in lackadaisical. My posts have come in later than usual. I blame the hair. I’m feeling very at ease lately. No sense of urgency. Perhaps it’s the impending summer season. Maybe it’s my 45th coming up. Maybe it’s the lack of exercise. Or the upcoming 5th anniversary of being cancer-free (this time). I don’t know.

Looking forward to this.

My summer suits screed had me over at the studio and deciding on the ICON Collection Spring Summer Seersucker based on this:

A grey and cream, I think. Just my personal preference. Unconstructed as much as possible.

Three piece so that I can wear each piece on its own. Anyone care to join me?

(UPDATE: for those who would like to commission the suit, it will cost USD$1095.)

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