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Crise de Cravate

Sorry I’m so late. Is there anything more annoying than having a tie choosing crisis first thing? today is casual. My khakis could probably do with a press, and this is the last day of the stubble before the full-fledged shave. Still, I have a lunch appointment and I do like to wear a sportcoat out. The tie below is the final, safe choice. I would have preferred one a bit more whimsical, but couldn’t match the colours well enough for my tastes.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with motif ties. I like them when I see them and almost never find one I like well enough to buy. Crested ties should be top of my hit parade, but unless it’s my crest, I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s fraternity letters. These stripes are American, so I’m a bit more comfortable with them.

I should be all over this Griffin tie, but my crest features one with an arrow through its neck. Which I’m fairly certain means that we were chicken thieves in the old country. Our new college mascot is also a griffin. Reason enough … .


This might be fun. My fraternity used the device…


but I’m 45 and not really a frat-guy anymore.

I really don’t have any other affiliations I can think of which would have a suitable motif for a tie, barring the bit-over-the-top martini olives and pick genre.

How about you? Still wear the old school tie?

6 thoughts on “Crise de Cravate

  1. I was instructed some time ago on my blog that I was not allowed to wear a palmetto/cresent moon tie because Iw as not born in South Carolina. I thought my two year stint was sufficient but it looks like southern birthrights are more exclusive than both institutions you listed above.

    What affiliation does paisley suggest?

  2. Paisley? Because this twisted tear drop design originates from Iran, wearing a paisley tie implies you are a terrorist. (That is, unless you wear the tie as a belt. Then you are probably gay.) Paisleys are often called Persian pickles. Anyone know that? Sorry you asked?

  3. A fleur de lis – wouldn’t you have to be a descendent of the French royal family?
    Do you need to have served in the army to wear kahkis? Or be a pilot to wear aviators?
    Or do you think, just maybe, you might be over-complicating that little strip of silk?

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