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A New Beginning: The Whisky Smash

I’m feeling lazier and lazier these days. CPE Bach (Harp Sonata in G Major, Sonata in D Major) playing on NPR, a mug of French pressed Mobjack Java in front of me and the door open to a cooling breeze. About the only decision I’d like to make today is what to have for luncheon (feeling like a chicken salad day… .)

(Tim Hourigan at The Cafe Carlyle. Damon Winter/New York Times. Used without permission. Let me know….)

But in an effort to provide you with relevant content for the weekend, I asked an old friend, Tim Hourigan, bartender at my favorite bar in the Carlyle Hotel in New York, for a recipe. For the most part, Bemelmans sells the classic dry martini. They make an exceptional example which comes with just a bit extra in a small shaker delivered in ice to your table. Tim thought that it might be time for me to mix it up a bit and offered this:

I like the whisky smash. Take 3 pieces of lemon, quarter ounce sugar (simple syrup) and some mint. Muddle all in mixing glass. Add bourbon. (We use Makers Mark.) Shake and strain into rocks glass with ice, enjoy…(not my recipe.)

So dear readers, why not celebrate spring and a new beginning with a new cocktail this evening? I will toast Tim as I do.

One thought on “A New Beginning: The Whisky Smash

  1. I can not drink bourbon with anything other than ice. But I’ll try this one – with vodka instead? (A Vodka smash? I know Vodka gets me smashed.)

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