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What Day Is It?

I’m just now coming up for air after Easter weekend. Richmonders can make a party out of just about any occasion. Sometimes it starts an evening or two before.


And then it starts again. Early, if there are children involved.

The photo may look blurry. It was completely in focus. I, on the other hand….


But things always end well, if later in the day than planned. Still, it’s worth every sweaty moment and emptied bottle to catch up with dear friends from here and abroad. Close to forty of them at one point.

By midnight, I had to call a halt to the proceedings. Besides, we were out of bubbles. And beer. And ham biscuits.

If happiness is measured in moments, we had a lifetime’s worth Easter Sunday. Thanks to all for braving the terrible heat and crowds to celebrate with us. “Welcome happy morning.”

4 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. It looks like you had a lovely day celebrating the day as it should be done: in appropriate springtime dress, drinking bubbly and eating ham.

    Besides a man confidently wearing tassled loafers, I also like to see a nice waistcoat. So stylish and a great way (besides ties) to express your personality.

    I was able to (after many, many months) to get my husband into a pair of driving mocassins from Clarks. He is wearing them as house shoes, and he is enjoying them so much he may get another pair to wear sockless with shorts while out doing errands (instead of the horrid white athletic shoes he wears). Hope springs eternal.

  2. Handlebar mustache man is awesome.
    Hats-off to Easy E for hangin out with those of us who have questionable taste…
    I have long thought that those with taste should not shun those of us who don’t, but rather rub elbows with us in hopes that we will get some of “it” on us.

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