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Today’s Patterns: Solid Advice

Blame it on the Italians. These days, as I gaze at my tie racks with their dizzying array of silk, cashmere and knit finery, I am almost twice as likely to reach for a solid tie instead of a favoured spot or stripe. Perhaps it is the ringing in my head this morning (headcold? allergies?) that made me shy away from adding a fourth pattern to the mix, but this solid blue repp seemed just the ticket.

The suit is my subtly paned Oxxford in super lightweight wool (it is predicted to approach 90ºF — some 30ºC, if I remember these things correctly — and I am not yet acclimated.) I wish I could make peace with the other Italian trend of dispensing with one’s socks, but the blame would rest squarely on my shoulders for steering you wrong.

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