Today’s Patterns: Chalk, Tattersall and …. Mixing It Up

This one could’ve gone either way. I do like a spotted tie. But, as I mentioned the other day, solids have really begun to win my heart with their quiet elegance. This is a silk knit, which I think plays down the seriousness of the suit (at least a bit) without the addition of the completely playful polka dots.


I’ve got to run as I have two deadlines, taxes to file and a meeting in just over an hour. Enjoy the day. I’ll be the one suffering from the pollen count if you run into me today.

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4 Responses to Today’s Patterns: Chalk, Tattersall and …. Mixing It Up

  1. Rebekah says:

    A timeless and classic combination.

    I think it’s strange that sartorial choices made 75 years ago have a completely different meaning today. Today, your outfit is most elegant and dressy, but 75-100 years ago this is what an English gentlemen would have worn for an easy day at home – the shirt would have been worn hunting.

    Did you see the piece in the Saturday WSJ about no longer needing to dress in a suit to go to the 21 Club in NYC? I still believe the more apporpriately dressed you are (and always be on the side of being over-dressed), the better service you receive — not just in restaurants, but retail establishments and other areas.

  2. JOHN GROVES says:

    Never wear checks and stripes together. a piece of advice from Playboy in the 60’s, probably the only useful advice that they ever published.

  3. Thanks Rebekah. And I’m with you, I’d rather be over-dressed.

    Mr. Groves, thanks for reading and the comment! The Duke of Windsor and I would disagree with that article… .

  4. Raulston says:

    Good Evening Chris,
    You my dear friend are exceptionally brave. I could never pull off such a feat as this superbly fetching ensemble. Keep up the fabulous work.
    The Gent

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