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The Royal Wedding Day

6 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding Day

  1. Well done you for getting up early and celebrating in style! Here in Britain we had the luxury of rising slightly later, and we managed a pretty passable picnic (at home) to accompany the day’s events.

  2. Nice combinations! Where did you get this dressing gown from?
    Your morning coat as a very interesting, rather closed cut in the front. Do you get a lot of wear out of it? I wore mine in October for the last time…

  3. David V — yes, it was so hot I wore a pair of glen plaid cotton trousers in order to not wilt… I was hoping no one would notice…. good eye.

    GG, the dressing gown was made for my father in Korea, I believe. The morning coat is a retired rental I picked up for a song. It’s OK and this was the first time I’ve had occasion to wear it.

  4. Perhaps you might write a post and share your thoughts about various aspects of the wedding? It might be the prototype for perfection in social occasions for eternity. Loved every second of it!

  5. Paula, I think my father-in-law said it best. He commented that Hollywood couldn’t begin to ape the pageantry, not even from a distance. This was the real thing.

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