Spring and Summer Style. It’s Beginning….

(Source: Refinery 29 and used without permission. Let me know….)

Warm weather dressing needn’t be all flip-flops and cut-off short shorts as the young lady at Cochella ably demonstrates. Simple and chic nautical stripes, and coördinating accessories. I’m a big fan of sandals — perhaps it’s my Greek heritage — and would love to see them take the place of flip-flops everywhere but at the seaside or pool.

All well and good, you say, but where does that leave the men?

If the runways are any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot more linen, cotton and seersucker come into our lives. There are always tropical weight wools with their natural wicking properties, but they must be made with a minimum of lining to work that well. The major objections to linen and seersucker are the wrinkles and less formal look. I think they are a fair trade-off and will wear mine for all but the most important meetings.

As far as your feet are concerned, best to stay away from flip-flops and sandals. If you do feel like going sockless, loafers are your best bet. I find suede to be wonderfully cool and for hard leather, foot powder does wonders.

What can you get away with at the office during the warmer months?

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