Lightening Up: An Easy and Elegant Spring Begins

This’ll be quick whilst things are working normally.

The odd jacket is one of my favourites. It is a wheat base with a very subtle blue overcheck which allows me to match a blue and tan antique stripe shirt to it. The “rules” will tell you that a solid tie is the right choice — maybe one with texture like a silk knit — and that would be a fine choice. This one is very colourful silk and has an equally subtle pattern to it. As a matter of fact, it was the tie that a good friend chose to wear with his morning coat to his wedding. It is his birthday today, something like the fourteenth in a row that we will have celebrated together and I am wearing the tie in his honour.

Blue trousers and chestnutty penny straps. Just the thing to meet with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher this morning. As I am also tapped to bring a simple meal for dinner to her, I think that salade niçoise is perfect for a beautiful spring day.

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