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I Wish It Were a Joke: April Food Day

Hey! Our jobless rate has dropped these last three months! Great news.

We now have 13.7 million unemployed. Of course there’s been a 2.1% increase in inflation.

Statistics for 2009 report that 50.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households: 33 million adults and 17.2 million children.

Please join me and Meg of Pigtown Design in hosting the third annual April Food Day.

Clicking the banner below will take you to a specially dedicated donations page created for us by Feeding America. Please give $1.00. If all of our readers donated a buck, we’d send about a half million dollars into the food banks of America, making a significant, positive, impact on families in need.

Bloggers, please write about the need. Link your post here so that we can count our participants. Blog about April Food Day. Tweet about it. Add it to your Facebook wall. Send it out anyway you can. And please make a donation. It’s the best way to really help.

4 thoughts on “I Wish It Were a Joke: April Food Day

  1. Mr. Cox you are a gentleman and a humanitarian.
    And of course Pigtown Design gets
    my round of applause.

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