An Odd (Jacket) Thought

I’ve never been one to split up suits to wear as odd jackets and trousers. Perhaps because most of my suits are striped, and I’ve never been comfortable in a striped odd jacket. My father had one which has since gone missing. It was a beautiful charcoal grey with red and wheat coloured bold stripes. I don’t think he wore it once during my lifetime.

Now a patterned sport coat, that’s a horse of a different stripe.

(A Suitable Wardrobe‘s AA Illustration.)

Still, during my dotage, I’ve begun to push the envelope. Must be this hippie haircut Mrs. E. talked me into. I’ve been considering commissioning a navy blue chalkstripe linen suit, the coat of which could be worn with a pair of light trousers and the striped trousers with a white shirt and tan sport coat. Tan sport coat. Or grey sport coat. I suppose I’ll have to have one of those made up, too.

It’s telling that I can’t find a photo of a good navy striped linen suit though…

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